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Yiyang Yishen Rubber Machinery CO . Ltd,as the first Sino-foreign joint venture to produce high precision mechanical&hydraulic tire curing press,1995 Rubber ~ Plastics Machinery Group Co. Ltd(the former Yiyang Rubber Machinery Factory, a leading manufacturer in rubber machinery in China),KOBELCO(the biggest industry machinery supplier in Japan)and Shinsho Corporation Japan.
Yishen has developed and manufactured high precision curing press on the basis of KOBELCO's 100-year experience and technology background with the same level as KOBEL CUREX series,which boast the most world-wide application due to its high efficiency and tire curing quality. The main products including:CUREX-B40.5"42", 45", 51" , 55", 58" , 63.5" , 65.5" of high precision mechanical tire curing press and CUREX-SZ43",47" , 51" , 52", 65"of high precision hydraulic tire curing press. More than 80% of its products have been sold abroad.
Under the philosophy of' customer first",Yishen does his utmost to satisfy the customers through good price,good quality, good service and delivery time.Furthermore,Yishen has the sophisticated after-sales network to provide prompt service including free technical service and training.
Welcome to Yishen.We'll continuously improve our core competencies to best serve our worldwide customers in the field of auto industry.

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