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65.5”Platen type mechanical tire curing press

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Mechanical press was developed with KOBELCO as the first term cooperation Main size:CUREX-B40.5;CUREX—B45" 、51" 、 58" 、 63.5" 、65.5"


Feature 1

Compact structure:Motor drives worm wheel,worm rod decelerated and then drives bulk/pinion gears.

Feature 2

Smooth and accurate position are required during the process of VCLin/out,Geneva mechanism and centering unit are used to keep accuracy of"swing"motion.Optimun design of mould stripping track allows the transition from linear contact to surface contact reducing stripping force of stripping cylinder.

Feature 3

Design of unloader meets the processing requirement of radial tire.Sliding parts of centering mechanism are double-layer sealed to ensure uniform extension of bladder in green tire,and rorcing centering unit is applide to promote waing accuracy.

Feature 4

Key parts are made of high quality materials supplied by recommended suppliers,such as seals parts,especially for bladder comtrol mechanism,are designed and produced in Japan.For another key part ring hub,its carbon content is strictly controlled to minimize stress and corrosion for long service life.

Feature 5

Materials are chosen as per standards of KOBELCO,Sofar,key fittings are still imported from Japan.Local Fittings are manufactreed under Yishen's superuision.Upon customer's request,Yishen can also provide advanced configuration to realize whole line automatic curing and hi-precision control.

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1. Loading and centering The green tire is loaded
into the mold with the bladder fully extended.The rigid center post ensures that the biadder remains preciously centered in the green tire during all subsequent operations。




2. Shaping
The bladder is tightly secured in the upper and lower clamp rings of the bladder control mechanism,a combination of shaping medium and downward movement of the upper clamp ring provide the tire with toroidal shape.The shaping medium may be lowered to a height determined by the spacers,which assures proper positioning of the bladder in the tire for optimum tire uniformity.。




3. Curing
Steam, hot water or N2 gas ca introduced as the curing medium。




4. Stripping
Stripping the cured tire mold is done with the as for loading,by simp wer bead ring.from the lower bladder extendede raising the lower bead ring 。

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